Homemade Hair Bow Holders

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Houses with little girls living in them often have hair bows all over the place. Help corral them by making a hair bow holder. There are so many different ways to make them; you may already have the supplies needed at your house.

Most use ribbon in different lengths and widths; you can make the hair bow holder match the decor in your home. Not only is it practical, it can be pretty as well.

Chicken Wire Hair Bow Holder

Chicken wire may not sound cute or attractive, but it virtually disappears into a decorative background. Staple a large piece of chicken wire inside a large frame. Cover the frame backing with decorative fabric and pop it into the frame. The chicken wire should be on top. Clip your hair bows onto the different strands and holes in the chicken wire. You won't see the wires once the bows are all in place. This hair bow holder can be put in a bathroom or bedroom.

Picture Frame Hair Bow Holder

This picture frame holder is very similar to the chicken wire hair bow holder, only it uses ribbon instead of chicken wire. If you can't find a large enough picture frame, use a large mirror frame. You can take out the mirror or leave it in place. Staple or hot glue ribbon to the back edge of the frame. Let the ribbon hang down over the opening and glue or staple it on the bottom. Clip the hair bows onto the ribbon. Use different patterns and widths of ribbon to make it bright and colourful.

Ribbon Strip Hair Bow Holder

This is a very simply hair bow holder that holds only a few hair bows. It is a good one to make if you have a very young child with a couple hair bows; you can always make more as her collection of bows grows. Purchase a small wooden shape at the craft store and paint it in colours you like. Cut a 4-inch piece of ribbon and make it into a loop; glue it to the top of the shape in the back. Cut another strip of ribbon; this can be anywhere from 2 to 4 feet. The length really depends on how much room you have in the space you are putting the holder. Glue the strip to the back of the wooden shape, as well. Hang it up and clip your bows onto the long ribbon.

Art Canvas Hair Bow Holder

This hair bow holder uses ribbons of different colours and widths, as well. Instead of a frame, it uses a piece of art canvas. You can purchase the canvas at art supply stores or craft stores. Glue the ribbon on the back at the top of the canvas; let the ribbon fall down the front of the canvas and glue it on the bottom in the back.

Magnetic Hair Bow Holder

Purchase a large sheet of metal at the hardware store. You can often have it cut to the size you want. Put strong magnets all over the metal board. The metal hair bow clips will stick to the magnets, holding them up. This hair bow holder will not work if you have plastic clips on the bows. Dress up the metal sheet with stickers or paint.

Covered Cork Board Hair Bow Holder

Purchase a piece of cork board from the craft store. You can also use a piece of wood, but it will be much heavier. Cover the board with a decorative piece of fabric; staple it tight against the board. Attach a few ribbons to the board in a decorative manner; they do not all have to go up and down as in the other holders. The ribbons can go horizontally, vertically or even diagonally.