Size of a three quarter bed

The three-quarter bed mattress width is smaller than a double bed, but wider than a twin bed. The length of the bed is the same as a full and twin size bed. These are custom beds and will require bedsheets that fit the width of the bed. There are some pros and con to owning a three-quarter bed.


The three-quarter bed is 48 by 75 inches. The width is nine inches wider than a twin mattress, which is 39 inches and smaller than a queen-size bed, which is 60 inches and six inches smaller than a full-size bed. The length of the three-quarter bed, twin- and full-size beds are the same. Some beds that are called three-quarter beds may be antique beds, which are 48 by 72 inches.


The three-quarter beds offer more sleeping space for one person. If you have a room that won't quite fit a double bed, but you need more room than what a twin bed offers, the three-quarter bed is ideal. The smaller mattress may fit better through stairways with low ceilings or around sharp corners, more so than a double bed.


Three-quarter beds only offer 24 inches of sleeping space for two people. This is six inches per person less than what a queen bed offers and three inches less than what a full-size bed offers. Using the bed for two people may be a little uncomfortable because of the small sleeping area. Bedsheets for the three-quarter bed are hard to find. You will need to order the sheets custom-made or from a retailer that carries this specific size.


Bedsheet sets have fitted sheets that are 48 by 75 inches. When ordering the custom-made sheets, you need to measure the height of the mattress so the sheet sets have pockets deep enough to fit the height of the mattress. Mattress thicknesses range from six to 22 inches. Bedsheet sets come with a fitted sheet, flat sheet and two pillow cases to fit standard pillows of 20 by 26 inches.