Shower Organizers That Won't Rust

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Shower organisers, also called shower caddies, store items used in the shower on a daily basis, such as soaps, scrubbers, washcloths, shampoos and conditioners. Shower organisers are exposed to water during showers, so rust may result in cheaper metal organisers that are not treated for rust.

Homeowners can prevent rust from occurring by avoiding metal items in the shower organiser and choosing a caddie designed for shower conditions.

Wooden Organizers

Wooden shower organisers do not rust like metal organisers. However, wood absorbs the water that may hit the organiser during a single shower. Wooden shower organisers are often treated with water repellent, so the water is not absorbed by the wood. The water repellent is also added to the wood, so the wood does not develop wood-rotting fungi, which is primarily developed in areas that are frequently exposed to water.

Plastic Organizers

Another shower organiser that does not rust is a plastic shower caddie. Plastic caddies repel water and are easily cleaned with a damp or dry cloth. Water may gather in the bottom of the plastic caddie, so avoid placing metal items that are subject to rust in the caddie. Rust is plausible if items capable of developing rust are placed in the plastic caddie and are exposed to water on a frequent basis.

Stainless Steel Organizers

Stainless steel shower organisers do not rust while hanging in the shower. Stainless steel shower organisers are often more expensive than metal or plastic organisers but offer sturdy steel to store all of your shower items. After each shower, wipe down the caddie so the water does not sit on the caddie for several hours.

Avoiding Rust in the Shower

Rust may still develop in your shower organiser even if it is made of wood or plastic as metal items stored in the organiser can develop rust if placed in watery conditions. Water may gather inside the organiser where metal items, such as nail clippers or nail files, are stored. If you choose to have a metal organiser or a stainless steel organiser, use boat or car wax to slow down rusting, according to Cleanaphoria. Add the wax about once per month to slow down the rusting process.