Reclining chair covers

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Although it may be the most comfortable chair you own, your ratty old recliner is an eyesore that's spoiling the good looks of your family room. If you just can't give it up, cover it up with a reclining chair cover.

Unlike traditional chair covers that restrict your chair's movement, reclining chair covers move with your recliner, allowing you to fully recline and return the chair to its original position.


While recliner covers allow you to cover up and transform ripped, worn or otherwise unattractive old chairs, they can also protect new chairs, keeping their upholstery clean and unworn. Recliner chair slipcovers are typically machine washable, so if your chair becomes soiled you can simply take the cover off and throw it in the wash. Recliner covers are easy to put on and take off, allowing you to change your room's colour scheme any time you like.


While some chair covers are made of cotton duck, which gets points for durability, a better choice may be a chair cover made of stretch fabric. Stretch slip covers are durable and machine washable but have the extra advantage of a superior fit. Thanks to Spandex, these covers stretch over your chair's contours for a snug fit that looks as though it was custom-tailored to your chair. Some stretch fabrics mimic velvet and even leather.

Types of Recliner Covers

Because there is more than one type of recliner, there is more than one type of recliner cover. Standard recliner covers accommodate a recliner lever while wing chair recliner covers are specially designed to fit over wings and multiple foot rests. Lift recliner covers are specially designed to cover lift chairs and accommodate their electronic controls.

Sizes and Colors

Recliner slipcovers are made by a number of manufacturers and are available in numerous fabrics, colours and sizes. While they are all adjustable in size to some degree, some are one-size-fits-all while others come in two or three basic sizes. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for measuring your chair and determining the correct slipcover size.

Where to Shop

You may find recliner slipcovers at speciality home stores; however, your best bet for the largest selection is likely through online retailers. Some will even send you fabric swatches to help you pick the best colour and fabric before making a purchase.