Photography research paper topics

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Well-written research papers often explore a topic that provide enough information to formulate and convey an idea. Photography is a broad subject that can provide authors with ample information for a research paper.

Depending on the preferences of the author, papers can be written about the technological aspects of photography to the lives of famous photographers and many other topics.


Photography has a rich history. Writing a history-based research paper is one of the most common types of papers that can be written on a specific topic. These types of papers often explore origins, major breakthroughs concerning that topic, and how the past applies to the present. A well-written paper will explore and expand upon the common conventions of a research paper.

Famous Photographers

Many of the famous photographs throughout history were taken by individuals with a unique vision and way of capturing their subjects on film. These photos are often timeless and reflect the photographers unique personality. Photographers such as Ansel Adams and Robert Mapplethorpe built their careers around fine art photography and in their later years used their fame to become activists for specific world causes. Writing a research paper that explores the background of some of the worlds most well-known photographers can provide insight into their art.

Photography Techniques

Through years of trial and error, and understanding of the physics of light, professional and amateur photographers established various techniques for capturing a photo. Techniques such as the use of long exposure times, the manipulation of focal planes, and the use of computers to retouch an image have all become industry standards. These techniques often appear in different media such as print advertisements, portraits, and wildlife photography. Photographers will often apply these techniques to a photo to give them a unique tone. In many cases each technique was pioneered by either a team or single individual. A research paper that explores the origin and dynamics of each technique can be written in a way that complies with the paper's guidelines.

Types of Photos

Exploring the different types of photos that make up the world of photography can provide an ample amount of information for a research paper. Many photos fall into specific categories that are defined by the characteristics of the photo. Since the early development of photographic technology landscape, portrait, and night photography have become some of the most common types of photos seen throughout the world. Research papers can be written that explore each type of photo and the milestones associated with each. For example, president Obama's presidential photo was the first official presidential portrait to be taken with a digital camera. A student can write a paper on the history of presidential portraits.