Jesus Is the Reason for the Season Crafts

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Christians observe Christmas as the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Show others that Jesus is the reason that you celebrate by making Christmas ornaments, cards and other decorations.

Whether you make them by yourself, with your own children or with a Sunday school class, these crafts will help spread Christmas cheer and remind others of the significance of Christ's birth.

Foam Nativity Ornament

Make a colourful manger scene ornament out of foam to give as a gift or hang on your own tree. Make a manger by cutting a rectangle shape from brown foam. Then make cuts to give the appearance that the manger is standing on two legs. Add straw to the manger by cutting a small oval from yellow foam. Give the yellow foam jagged edges and glue it to the manger. Follow a baby Jesus figure pattern from the Internet or make a simple baby Jesus by cutting an oval from white foam. Cut a circle from flesh coloured foam and glue it to the white oval to look like baby Jesus wrapped in swaddling clothes. If you wish, draw a face on the circle, then glue it to the straw. Loop a red ribbon through a small hole punched in the ornament, and display it on your Christmas tree.

Christmas Faith Bracelet

Kids can wear this easy-to-make bracelet to all of their Christmas celebrations and festivities as a reminder of the true meaning of the holiday. Purchase small wooden crosses from a craft store or Christian retailer along with strong yarn and red, green and gold beads. Cut lengths of yarn for the bracelets. String a cross onto each bracelet first, then explain the significance of each bead as kids add them to their bracelets. Green beads symbolise new life, like the birth of Jesus as a baby and the eternal life He offers us. Explain that red beads symbolise Jesus' blood that cleanses us from sin. Tell kids that the gold beads illustrate how their salvation is a gift more valuable than any other Christmas present.

Christmas Cards

Homemade Christmas cards let kids express themselves and exercise their creativity while conveying the good news of the baby Jesus' birth. Fold pieces of red, green or white card stock in half. Write a Bible verse about Jesus' birth on the front. Cut out construction paper letters spelling "Jesus is the reason for the season" and paste them on the inside of the card. Let kids decorate the card however they choose with Christmas stickers, crayons and sequins, and instruct them to give it to a special person.

Jesus Christmas Necklace

This craft necklace proudly displays the message, "Jesus is the reason for the season." Paint dried penne pasta noodles red and white. Let them dry before you begin constructing the necklace. Wrap tape around the bottom of a wrapped candy cane and leave the end loose so you can punch a hole through it. Loop a piece of yarn through the punched hole in the tape. Use a black permanent marker to write "is the reason for the season" one word at a time on individual noodles. Write "esus" on one noodle and string it onto the necklace next to the candy cane so it spells "Jesus." Finish the craft by stringing the remaining noodles onto the necklace in proper word order. Tie the two ends of the necklace together to keep the noodles from slipping off.