What does "payment expired" in PayPal mean?

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PayPal keeps track of your payments via the "Payment Status" field. If you see a status there you are unfamiliar with, such as "Expired," you can refer to the glossary PayPal provides to determine what the status means. When a payment is listed as "Expired," it means the transaction the payment was for has expired.

Payment Status Location

When you are signed into PayPal, you can view the status of your payment under the "Payment Status" heading in the table. Each payment entry in the table contains the date, type, amount, name and the status. The status is to the right of the name. You can also view the status by clicking "Details" to view more information about that transaction.


To understand what each status means, PayPal provides a link to a "Payment Status Glossary." To view the glossary, log into PayPal and view your history. At the top-right side of the table is a link that says "Payment status glossary." Click this and scroll through the pop-up to research the status. If your status reads as "Expired," the glossary lists this as due to an expired transaction.

Why Expired?

If you're seeing "Expired" as the payment status, this may mean the order you've placed has not gone through. At some point, the transaction expired during the process and the order and payment was not completed. This may occur if the seller put a temporary hold or authorisation in order to take their money at a later point, and then never completed the money retrieval.


Contact the seller to determine how to remedy the situation and complete your purchase. Be sure to let the seller know your PayPal payment status is reading as "Expired" and inform them if you wish to complete or cancel your transaction.