Handmade Outdoor Moccasins

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Though many moccasin-style shoes are made commercially, few industrially manufactured styles exhibit the same quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail that handmade outdoor moccasins do. Handmade moccasins are sometimes weatherproofed and fitted with man-made soles to make them suitable for outdoor wear.

Handmade moccasins are available from a small number of domestic manufacturers in the United States.

Itasca Moccasin

Itasca Moccasin (itascamoccasin.com) is owned and operated by Mardel Bents in Lake George, Minnesota. Online ordering is available for Mardel's moccasins, which are handmade from buffalo, elk and cowhide. Itasca Moccasins also have Leather Canoe soles, which is a thick leather that protects the bottoms of the wearer's feet for wear outdoors on rough and uneven terrain. Itasca offers a variety of moccasin styles, including Canoe, Creeper, Dancer, Friski Boot, Itascan, 6 inch boot and knee-high moccasins. Moccasins range in price from around £26 to £130.

Arrow Moccasin Company

Based in Hudson, Massachusetts, Arrow Moccasin Company (arrowmoc.com) was founded in 1951 by Ron Ouellette, who was previously employed by the historic Old Sturbridge Village living museum as a bootmaker. Arrow Moccasins are handmade by members of the Ouellette family from Swiss hides tanned in England. All moccasin styles are made to withstand outdoor wear, and some styles -- such as the Lined Lace Boot -- are lined with sheepskin for wear in the cold winter months.

SodHoppers Custom Footwear

SodHoppers (sodhoppers.com) specialises in custom leather footwear made from elk and buffalo leather. SodHoppers offers an extensive selection of different specialised soles for inclusion in your handmade moccasins, depending on how and wear you intend to wear the moccasins. Rubber soles, as well as the sturdy and supportive soles used in Birkenstock sandals, are just a fraction of SodHoppers' sole selection.

Footwear by Footskins

Footwear by Footskins (footwearbyfootskins.com/hand-made-moccasins.asp) makes handmade moccasins from deer or cowhide leather for men, women and children. Deerskin leather is soft and supple, requiring no "break in" period as other shoe materials often do. Deerskin is also one of the strongest leathers, making deerskin moccasins rugged shoes that can stand up to rigorous outdoor wear. Moccasins are made to order according to your foot specifications and style preferences.