Feeding the five thousand bible crafts

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The Bible chronicles the miracles of Jesus Christ during his time on Earth. One of his miracles was feeding 5,000 people with five loaves of bread and a few fish. According to the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, Christ accomplished this miracle by blessing the food and being in harmony with God's will. Christian children can learn the importance of relying on God for provision and support by creating Bible crafts based on this miracle.

Basket and Fish

Two fish and five loaves of bread went a long way in Christ's hands. This Bible craft helps children understand the importance of being thankful and it teaches them that God abundantly provides. Help children build a basket out of cardboard, construction paper, brown paint or crayons. Make fish of beige or grey construction paper or felt and decorate with crayon or paint. Fill the basket with the fish.

Jesus Feeds Five Thousand

Teach children to rely on Jesus to meet their needs. Have students make a basket out of the construction paper. Draw fishes and loaves of bread on the remaining construction paper and then cut them out. Students can also cut out pictures from old food magazines instead of fish and bread. Place the cut out items inside of the baskets. Create collages from food pictures as another variation of this craft.

Paper Bag Basket

Cut a paper lunch bag in half to make a simple basket. Staple an 11-by-2 inch strip of construction paper on the top to make a basket handle. Ask children to draw fishes and loaves of bread on pieces of construction paper and cut them out. Teachers can punch holes in the top of the fishes and run a piece of yarn through them for variety. Instead of baskets, students can draw a circle and cut it in half. Attach the half circles together to form a pouch that children can lace together with yarn. Place the fishes and loves into the pouch.

Edible Necklace

Help children trust Jesus for the good things that we need in life with this edible craft. Have children tie liquorice laces together to make necklaces. Add cereal loops to the liquorice laces. Once children have enough cereal to cover their laces they can complete the project by tying it around their necks.

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