Paper Money Folding Tricks

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Origami need not be limited to thin squares of colourful paper. Paper money is the perfect shape and size to make certain crafts without damaging it in any way other than introducing a few extra creases. This is a way to learn about origami without having to spend your money.


This is possibly the easiest money origami craft there is, and it's likely that most people have already made one before. First, fold the border on the short side of the bill. It doesn't matter which way it is folded, but crease it heavily. Now fold the bill the opposite direction, bringing the crease with it. There should now be two creases in opposite directions. Continue to do this all the way down the bill. This type of fold is called a concertina fold. Fold the bottom to hold the creases together and pull the top open to complete the fan.

Bow Tie

Bow ties are a somewhat complex item to make from money. First, the bill needs to be folded in half twice. The first fold should be from left to right, while the second is from top to bottom. Peel the corner of the top layer back and crease the new fold, producing two diagonal angles. Flip the bill and do the same. Fold the bottom up so that it covers the point, flip and repeat. Fold the corners down to make a new point, then flip and repeat again. Open it slightly to find a point. Holding the point to prevent the bill from unfolding, carefully open and flatten your completed bow tie.


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The T-shirt is a popular money origami crafts and is a popular way for diners to leave tips in restaurants. First, fold the bill in half longways. This is done to make a crease in the centre of the bill, so unfold it again. Fold the edges towards the middle so that they meet perfectly on this crease. Flip the bill over and fold the border down. Flip the bill again and fold the corners down to create the collar of the shirt. Fold one third of the bill up. At the bottom, carefully pull out the corners and flatten to form the sleeves.Fold that third up and tuck under the collar.


The ring is a simple craft; the only tricky part is sizing it. First, fold the borders away from you. Then fold the bill in half, lengthwise, twice,. When done correctly, at each end of the bill should be the "ONE" emblem, perfectly centred. Fold the side border behind the bill. About halfway down make a 90 degree fold. This is where you'll size the ring. The further the fold from the emblem, the bigger the ring. Wrap the end of the bill without the emblem around the fold leaving only a small part of the tail. Loop the ring and tuck the small tail into the emblem. The ring should fit snugly without pulling the tail out of the emblem.