Qualities of a Good Primary Teacher

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It takes a special combination of skills and personality to make a good primary schoolteacher. The desire to connect with her students and the ability to keep on top of the many tasks she must manage in a day are among the most important skills.

Ability to Connect with Students

One of the most important skills a good primary teacher possesses is the ability to connect with her students. Make an effort to get to know each student by name and to know something about him as quickly as possible. Each student has his own strengths and weaknesses and being able to make a connection with each one will help a teacher be able to educate most effectively.

Sense of Humor

A primary schoolteacher is usually responsible for a couple of dozen young children for many hours every weekday. The only way to manage the stress of dealing with educating a classroom full of students is to keep a sense of humour. A good primary schoolteacher is able to laugh at herself, inject humour into the classroom and manage problems without getting too caught up in negative emotions.

Values Academic Inquiry

The hallmark of a good primary schoolteacher is the value he places on academic inquiry. He makes "there are no stupid questions" a rule in his classroom and encourages students to ask lots of questions and explore academics with curiosity and a sense of exploration. He moves beyond straight lecturing or reading out of textbooks and brings in a wide range of resources that engage his students' curiosity.

Excellent Organizational Skills

With so many small children and their education in her care, it is highly important for a good primary schoolteacher to be organised. There is no other way to keep track of what each student needs academically, stay on top of a multitude of projects and keep her sanity at the same time. She has the ability to stay organised throughout her day, to manage her time and to put her hands on the materials she needs easily.