Why Is My Hotpoint Washing Machine Noisy When Spinning?

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A Hotpoint washing machine drum rotates at fast speeds when it spins. The drum's quick revolution can cause the machine to vibrate and even move from its usual position when the machine is out of balance or not level. However, there are things you can do to reduce the noise and vibration so that the machine operates more quietly.

Machine Isn't Level

A Hotpoint washing machine needs a sturdy, flat surface. If the flooring surface is bowed or sloped, the washer is more apt to shake and thump when it starts the spin cycle. Check that the washer is on a stable surface by placing a level on top of the machine. Hotpoint washing machines have adjustable feet at each of the machine's four corners to accommodate uneven flooring surfaces. Use a wrench to turn the bolt until the washer is level on all four sides.

Load Isn't Balanced

Load the washing machine to distribute laundry evenly inside the drum. If the laundry isn't evenly dispersed, the drum doesn't spin equally, causing it to knock and tremble during the spin cycle. Stop the washing machine when you hear thumping noises. Open the lid and verify that the laundry is evenly spaced. If more items are in one spot of the machine than another, rearrange items so they're evened out in the machine. Resume the spin cycle.

Bulky Items Hinder Drum Rotation

In general, Hotpoint washing machines are made for household, not industrial use. Avoid placing bulky items, such as rugs, bedspreads or slipcovers, in the machine to wash. Larger items can impede the drum from rotating easily, and the machine is apt to vibrate and sway back and forth when it hits the spin cycle. Take bigger items to a Laundromat that has industrial size washing machines or to a dry cleaners. Excessive vibration can damage your washing machine and the flooring surface beneath it.

Damaged Balancing System

A Hotpoint washing machine has a balancing system consisting of pistons, belts and counterweights that help keep the drum in position as it spins when it's filled with water and laundry. If a component of the balance system breaks, it jeopardises the entire system. Depending on the location of the part, it can cause the drum to go off-line and bang, squeak and chirp throughout the entire spin cycle until it ends and the drum comes to a complete stop. Contact a washer repair specialist to inspect the balancing system on your washer for defective parts. Switch out worn components with new ones.

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