What colours can I use with a red sofa?

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A red sofa can make a beautiful addition to the right living room, but in the wrong room it can be a garish eyesore. If you have a red sofa and you're determined to make it match the rest of the room, there are some colour schemes that will integrate your red sofa into the rest of the room. Choose your colours carefully in order to give your room a seamless integration of colour and design.

Warm colours

The warm colours on the colour wheel are red, orange and yellow. A colour scheme that includes only warm colours is known as an analogous colour scheme -- meaning that it is a colour scheme made up of colours that are side by side on the colour wheel. A warm colour scheme is a daring choice in just about any room, but it can easily become overwhelming. Incorporate creams and whites in the room in order to balance the red, orange and yellow.

White and black

A red sofa in a room of mostly black and white decor makes a strong impression. Add red accents elsewhere in the room so the sofa won't become the only focal point. Disperse red pillows and hang red curtains around the room to keep the flow of energy moving and to keep all eyes from landing on the sofa and staying there.


Khaki is a calming, soothing colour. A colour scheme of cream, khaki and tan will prevent your room from becoming too excitable or overwhelming. Again, use accents of red around the room to prevent the couch from being the single red piece in a room of soft neutrals. In this colour scheme, a less vibrant red sofa -- perhaps one in a duller reddish-brown hue -- would work best.


A deer-brown or grey-brown colour is appropriate for larger rooms where darker colours won't make the room claustrophobic. Paint the walls a darker brown and use other red pieces around the room. The accent colour in this case would be a cream or even a bright white. This colour scheme is best used in a room with tall ceilings and a lot of natural daylight.

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