Cheats on "GTA: San Andreas Blackout 2"

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is an action / adventure video game developed by Rockstar for multiple consoles. The game takes place in the fictional state of San Andreas, which is based on Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas. The game includes multiple cheats that black out the game and/or make game play more enjoyable.

Blackout Cheat

Resume a saved game or start a new GTA San Andreas game. When in control of CJ, enter a series of controller presses to activate the cheats.The blackout cheat turns all of the vehicles in San Andreas black. Additionally, all of the pedestrians become Asian men with kitanas. For the Xbox, press "A" twice, "down," "black," "white," "B," "R," "B" and "X." On the PS2, press "X" twice, "up," "R2," "L2," "Circle," "R1," "Circle" and "Square."

Midnight Cheat

The always midnight cheat stops the clock at 00:00. The sky remains black and there are weird weather changes throughout. For the Xbox, press "X," "L," "R," "Right," "A," "Up" "L" and "Left" twice. On the PS2, press "Square," "L1," "R1," "Right," "X," "Up," "L1" and "Left" twice.

Infinite Health

The Infinite health cheat allows players to be immune to most attacks, except for explosions, drowning, getting run over and falling. On the Xbox, press "Down," "A," "Right," "Left," "Right," "R," "Right," "Down" and "Up." For the PS2, press "Down," "X," "Right," "Left," "Right," "R1," "Right," "Down," "Up" and "Triangle."

Chaos Mode

The chaos mode cheat turns the whole state of San Andreas into a state of panic. Pedestrians will riot, houses will be on fire and people will loot and run down the street carrying televisions and other big-ticket items. On the Xbox, press "White," "Right," "L" "Yellow," "Right" twice, "R," "L," "Right" and "L" three times. For the PS2, press "L2," "R," "L1," "Triangle," "R" twice, "R1," "L1," "R" and "L1" three times.

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