The best rug color for a very dark floor

Dark wood flooring adds both warmth and elegance to a home's decor. It also provides a neutral background for a variety of room styles and palettes. The best colour rug works with your room's design and enhances the rich tones of the wood floor.

As you search through samples at a flooring or home improvement store, consider whether you want to highlight the furniture, the floor or the carpet itself.

Match the Tone

While dark wood flooring is a neutral, the most attractive rug choice will match the tone of the wood. A deep cherry floor may have a hint of a purple tone. Choose cool colours like blues, purples and greys for your rug to complement the floor. For cherry woods with an orange tone, stick with warmer earth tones like brown, burgundy and forest green. Truly neutral brown shades can work with both warm and cool colour area rugs, including patterned options that incorporate a variety of colours and shades.

Draw Attention to the Wood Flooring

Choose a white or light colour rug with a minimal pattern or none at all. Match the bedding or furniture fabrics and drapery to the rug. A white bedspread and fluffy white area rug creates a fresh, traditional style design and draws attention to the rich, brown tones of the floor and furniture. Deep shades of violet, green and fuchsia add a touch of opulence to the room and enhance the colour of the floor.

Highlight the Area Rug

A boldly patterned rug in any colour will be luxuriously framed by the dark wood of the floor. Choose a larger size carpet to prevent it from looking lost on the expanse of flooring. Keep the fabrics and draperies neutral to draw the eye to the rug. Use one of the colours in the pattern for accent pieces or throw pillows, which ties the rug into the rest of the room.

Highlight the Furniture

Select dark solid colours or two similar colours for a pattern. A deep brown and black checkered rug blends into the dark flooring and highlights the cream leather furniture. A deep green area rug in the bedroom draws attention to the ivory lace-covered canopy bed and whitewashed nightstands. A black area rug with a subtle grey stripe provides a sleek and modern backdrop to red lacquered tables and white chairs.