Things to Do if Bedridden

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Long-term illness or a health condition may cause you to be bedridden for a period of time. Finding things to do while being bedridden can be difficult. Picking up a new craft hobby, doing crossword puzzles or simply reading a new book can help keep you busy and pass the time.

Puzzle Books

A classic hobby of those who are immobile or bedridden is working in puzzle books. Crossword puzzles and word search puzzles are easy enough for anyone to do. Crossword puzzles are done by answering a hint by placing each letter of the word in a box. The boxes cross horizontally and vertically. Word searches have a list of words and scrambled-up letters in a box. You find the word and circle it in the box of scrambled letters. Sudoku puzzles consist of a box with several boxes within it. You must place the numbers 1 through 9 in each of the boxes without using the number more than once in that row or box.


Reading a good book can pass the time well. Certain stories come in a series of several books. There are book clubs that you can join and receive your books in the mail so you don't even have to leave the house. Magazine subscriptions come in the mail monthly as well. Reading is a good way of gaining knowledge about topics, or just to indulge in an imaginary world.


Take up a new hobby such as knitting, crocheting, embroidery or cross-stitching. These are simple relaxing hobbies that can be done without much movement and at your own pace. Knitting or crocheting a blanket takes a long time, and being bedridden gives you a good opportunity to make one undisturbed. Embroidery and cross-stitching crafts use a cloth and coloured floss or string to make designs with a needle. Cross-stitch and embroidery patterns are available or you can design your own to make bookmarks or pictures to hang or give as gifts.

Computer Skills

Laptops are good for learning simple computer skills. Access the Internet to browse information on any topic. There are simple programs online that teach basic typing skills and simple computer knowledge for beginners. Chat with other computer users online in chat rooms to pass the time.

Learn a Language

Books and CDs are available to teach you a new language. Software for your computer or laptop is also a good way of learning a new language. The computer language software has interactive games and steps to teach you a new language and allows you to hear the pronunciation of words.

Music or Television

Listening to music or watching television can be calming and entertaining. A portable DVD or CD player works well for bedridden patients. A television with a remote is convenient for those who are bedridden as well.