1970s Kids Clothing Styles

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Fashion trends in the early 1970s were influenced by the hippie-style clothing prominent in the late 1960s. But, by the end of the decade, the birth of disco changed the fads. Kid's clothing followed the same fashion trends of the adults, relying more on colour and fabric than accessories.

Denim and polyester were popular choices and the cut of children's clothing -- dresses, trousers and skirt -- relied heavily on "the flare."


In the 1970s, denim saw a huge change. It went from being used primarily for jeans to making jackets, shirts, dresses, purses and hats. Kids in the early 1970s wore bell-bottomed or flared jeans, but by the end of the decade a lot of kids switched to jeans with a straight-leg cut. Patchwork jeans and faded jeans also became popular in the mid to late 70s. Girls donned both jean skirts and denim jumpers; while boys wore jean jackets and sometimes denim blazers with huge lapels.

Matched Separates

Adult fashion trends influenced many kid's clothing styles, especially when it came to matched separates. Boys -- like their father and older brother -- wore polyester leisure suits to more formal gatherings. The suits, typically a bright solid colour, were often paired with silk shirts that either matched or contrasted with the colour of the trousers and jacket. Matched separates were also popular with girls. They often wore either a matching skirt and jacket or pantsuit. Underneath the jacket, girls wore either a turtleneck or a button-up cotton shirt with a wide lapel.


In the mid-to-late 70s the disco trend made jumpsuits popular for people of all ages. Courderoy jumpsuits were popular with all kids. The one-piece garments often featured a back flap, making it easier for kids to use the rest room. Girls also wore skirted jumpsuits with tights to cover their legs.


Clothing with colourful patterns was popular throughout the 70s. A lot of kids wore tie-died T-shirts with their jeans. Stripes, plaid and paisley were also prominent. Both boys and girls wore plaid or striped trousers, mostly polyester. Bright-coloured dresses with large flowers and clothes with rainbows were popular for girls.