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Cheats for "Gang Garrison 2"

"Gang Garrison 2" is a "demake" of Valve's genre defining multiplayer game "Team Fortress 2". A "demake" is an amateur remake of a game that uses simpler graphics and gameplay to give a different experience from the original game. As "Gang Garrison 2" is a multiplayer-only game, there are no preprogrammed cheats. Instead, you will need to install the GG2 Hacks application in order to cheat.

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Full Health

As in the original "Team Fortress 2", "Gang Garrison 2" gives players a certain amount of health that diminishes every time they take damage. When health reaches zero, your character dies and will have to "respawn" to continue play. With GG2 Hacks installed, every time you press the "R" key on the keyboard, your character's health will be refilled.

Unmask the Spies

The spy class has the ability to disguise themselves as members of the opposing team in order to sneak inside their garrison and cause havoc, generally in the form of sabotaging garrison defences or capturing the flag unopposed in Capture the Flag missions. While GG2 Hacks is running, you will be able to see who is and who isn't a spy regardless of the spy's disguise.

Sniper Accuracy

The sniper class is dangerous at long ranges because of the ability to deal heavy damage from farther away than most other classes can shoot. However, this is balanced by the fact that snipers sometimes miss. When GG2 Hacks is running, the sniper class will never miss, turning them into a deadly barrier.

Disguise Your Cheating

When using cheats and hacks in "Gang Garrison 2," you're using them against other, real-life players. This is considered incredibly rude and will cause other players to refuse to play with you. The GG2 Hacks program, however, can't be detected and is subtle enough not to be noticed, allowing you to hide your cheating from your opponents.

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