The Brush Won't Spin on My Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson vacuums are sold online and in many home retail, department and appliance stores and feature a cyclone suction system instead of a traditional dust or dirt bag. However, as with most traditional vacuums, Dyson vacuum cleaners have a brush bar that is used to help clean carpet fibres and pull up the dirt and debris. As the brush comes in contact with debris, fibres or strings, obstructions can occur and the brush may stop working.

Hair or String

One of the most likely reasons why a Dyson vacuum brush may stop turning is that long hair, fibres or strings get caught around the brush as it rotates. This eventually can slow or stop the brush entirely and it will not be able to resume proper operation until the strings are removed. Be sure to turn off and unplug the Dyson vacuum before using a pair of scissors to remove the fibre.


Debris that gets pulled up from the brush can get caught in the tubes on either side of the brush bar in the vacuum cleaner and blocks the brush from turning. Turn off and unplug the vacuum and lower the handle before turning the vacuum cleaner over. Loosen the plastic fasteners on the vacuum soleplate and remove the soleplate and then pull each side of the brush bar out. Clean the tubes on each side of the vacuum to remove debris or dirt that may be causing the problem.


There is a duct located behind the brush bar in the vacuum head where the vacuum head meets with the nozzle. If a large item, debris or dirt gets suctioned into the vacuum and enters the brush duct, the brush may stop turning. When the brush bars have been removed from the vacuum head, clean the duct out to remove any blockages.


While most reasons why the brush on a Dyson vacuum cleaner may stop spinning are simple and fairly easy to resolve, as with any other vacuum cleaner component, the brush may get broken or damaged. If this occurs and troubleshooting efforts are unsuccessful, contact Dyson for repair assistance at 866-693-9766.

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