Front-porch colors

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The front porch is often the most noticeable feature of your home's exterior, and it serves as an opportunity to express your decor creativity. The colours you select for your front porch can give your home a sense of country comfort, make the house appear especially welcoming or lend additional modern and chic style.

Red or Orange

Red, the colour that represents energy and courage, is a strikingly vivid colour for a front porch. This bright hue is ideal for a house made with medium or dark wood or for a grey-brick house; a muted shade of red is also ideal for a house made of red brick if you're going for a monochromatic look. Rust-orange paint pairs nicely with metallic accents such as bronze pillows for the rocking chairs or with a gold door knocker on a red door. Orange, a little less overpowering than red, will make your home one of the most impressive on the block when you use the hue to paint the porch. A burnt-orange colour is ideal for a ranch-style home decorated inside and out with a Southwestern theme. A pastel orange adds just a little more appeal to a home made of off-white or light-grey wood.

Black or Gray

Painting the front porch black or grey adds a modern touch to the home. Using white accents will help maintain the modern theme, while making the front of your home more attractive. For instance, a black porch with a medium-grey door accented with white, grey-cushioned wicker chairs makes a noticeably stylish statement without overwhelming the space with colour. Or, paint the porch a light or medium shade of grey and accent the area with a collection of coordinating warm or cool colours. For instance, wind chimes in robin-egg blue are a pretty yet subtle hue addition to a light-grey porch. Lemon-yellow flower arrangements make a medium grey porch look less drab.


White is a classic colour that pairs well with dark-grey brick, and an off-white porch adds neutral warmth to a red-brick home. Painting the front porch a shade of white also means you can add several colours to the space to give a sense of welcomed excitement. For instance, select a rocking chair or porch swing made from light-coloured wood to blend with the main white colour, and add Kelly- or pistachio-green cushions or pillows. Green is the colour of harmony and balance, which are two principles you'll likely want to usher into your home.


A porch painted in a bold, rich shade of purple such as violet is perfect for an art deco-style home, where other striking hues of orange, red or blue are featured in the form of a garden or yard decor. Purple is also the shade of spiritual balance, so using the colour for the foremost portion of your home could signify that you want your loved ones to be healthy and level-headed. A lighter shade such as rose-purple or lilac looks great on a porch attached to a home with light-grey brick and white siding, and it will fit into the home's cottage-style colour palette.