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Cool gamertag ideas

Updated March 23, 2017

Choosing the right name is important in any online environment. You're going to want a name that sets you apart from everyone else in a good way, something different than all the Leeroy Jenkins' and Master Chiefs. It can be hard to think of the right name yourself, but with resources such as name generators, or by using names from other media, you will be able to create a unique gamertag just right for your personality.

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Online Name Generators

An easy way to pick a gamertag is with online name generators. With porn name generators you can get names such as General Muffmuncher or Gunnar Looselips. With mafia name generators you can get names such as Al Screwball, Marco Leatherface, or Luigi Lombardi. With pirate name generators you can get names such as Lazy Eye Bill or Hidalgo Cutler. There are several different types of name generators that can produce thousands of different names that you may want to use as a gamertag.

Names From Other Media

Good gamertag names can also come from other forms of media, such as movies, TV shows and books. These names will sometimes be more effective if other people understand the reference. You could name yourself after Tyler Durden from the movie Fight Club, or Brick Top from Snatch. You could also name yourself Black Dow or Caul Shivers after characters in The First Law trilogy. If there are any names in movies or books that you like you should consider using them as your gamertag. You can always alter them to make them more personal by adding a section of your own name into them.

Names of Historical Figures

History is a good place to look to find cool names that you can use as a gamertag. From Russia there is Rurik and Rasputin, or you could even use the name of one of the early versions of the Russian state, Kievan Rus. From classical times choose from Seneca, Valerius or Virgil, or you could use the names of the numerous Greek and Roman gods and mythological figures, such as Cygnus or Ares. Historical and mythological figures are a good source of interesting names.

Everyday Objects and Word Combos

Naming yourself after everyday objects or combining a noun and an adjective can provide some cool names. Combining words can get you such names as Nuclear Waffles and Scalp Peeler. Everyday objects can provide names such as Ramen, Hennessy or Cheese Fries.

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