The Disadvantages of Dye Sublimation

When it comes to purchasing a new photo printer, there are typically two main printer choices to choose from: dye sublimation or inkjet printers.

Although they will both successfully print your various needs, there are some disadvantages of dye sublimation printers that may make you think twice about purchasing a new one.

Printing Issues

There are a few printing issues that you may come across when using a dye sublimation printer. Many prints on your dye sublimation printer may appear to have distorted or fuzzy edges. This can really pose a problem if you're trying to print out a picture or photo. Also, dye sublimation printers will often smear high contrast objects. For example, coloured or black charts and graphs can easily smear when using this type of printer, making it difficult for those needing the printer for school or office work.

Paper Issues

Using a dye sublimation printer is also not necessarily useful when printing out pictures or photos due to paper issues. The paper type selection used for dye sublimation is quite limited compared to inkjet printers. And although you can print glossy photos from your dye sublimation printer, you cannot print quality photos on matt or lustre photo paper. Dye sublimation printers also cannot print on CDs, CD inserts or even envelopes, which can be a problem for many people.

Ink Issues

Beside various printing and paper issues, there are also a few ink issues that you will have with a dye sublimation printer. The colour gamut for these types of printers tend to be much smaller than inkjet printers, making your photos or pictures less vivid or bright than they should be. Dye sublimation printers may also use an entire page-worth of ribbon (toner) when printing only a small and undetailed photo; much more ribbon is used when printing even larger or detailed photos. And this can pose a huge problem for those that like to print off their own pictures because the ribbon (toner) is much more expensive than inkjet ink.

Other Problems

If you need to print large photos, 11-by-14-inch or larger, the dye sublimation printer may not be the one for you. There are many more large format inkjet printers that are designed for large printing sizes than there are dye sublimation printers. And lastly, dust can easily get inside a dye sublimation printer and cause serious problems to your prints. Dust can cause unsightly scratches on prints and photos, ruining the picture.