List of Endangered Species in "Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection"

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Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection is a computer game by Blue Fang games, and includes the original zoo business simulation game Zoo Tycoon and the Dinosaur Digs and Marine Mania expansion packs. The Complete Collection also includes the Endangered Species theme pack; a collection of endangered and/or threatened species from around the world. Players should note that because the game was released in 2003, the endangered status of certain animals may no longer be the same.

Aquatic Animals

Players can use the tanks provided by the Marine Mania part of the Complete Collection to house some new endangered aquatic creatures. These include the Whale Shark, the Bowhead Whale from the Arctic Ocean and the Common Sawfish, which are from the part of the Atlantic Ocean alongside the Eastern United States, according to the game. These creatures cannot live together in the same tank.


Asian endangered species featured in the game include the Orangutan, the only type of ape solely found in Asia. Various toys for the Orang-utan's habitat, such as a jungle gym, can also be unlocked and purchased. The Asian Elephant is also included, but players should not expect them to breed with African elephants if put in the same pen. Other Asian endangered animals in the game are Przewalski's Horse, a wild breed of horse from Mongolia, and the Japanese Serow, a goat-antelope native to the Japan wilderness.

Southeast Asian

Joining the animals from mainland Asia are three animals from areas of Southeast Asia. The Komodo Dragon, originally from the Indonesian island of Komodo and other smaller islands, is one of them. The Malayan Tapir, a black pig-like animal with a white back, is the second and the Javan Rhinoceros from the islands of Java is the third. The Javan Rhino can be put in the same pen as other types of rhinoceroses, but it prefers more foliage than the African Rhino.

Mexican Wolf

Although the game comes with many other animals native to North America, only one is on the endangered list; the Mexican Wolf. Players must take caution if attempting to make the Mexican Wolf live in the same pen as the Gray Wolf or Arctic Wolf. While not impossible to have them coexist, their different tastes in habitat can prove to be very challenging.

Original Animals

There are other endangered animals available in the game, although they were part of the original Zoo Tycoon and automatically included in the Complete Collection, not as part of the Endangered Species theme pack. These are the Bengal Tiger and the Siberian Tiger (which cannot live happily together in the same pen because they require different habitats), the African Elephant and the Giant Panda.

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