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Easy to Make Future Costume Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Making futuristic costumes can be easy and relatively inexpensive. Materials may be found throughout your home, at your local grocery or arts and crafts store. Magazines and the Internet also are sources for costume ideas that resemble what you have in mind. This helps keep you on track and spurs creative ideas.

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Visitor from 3011

What would life be like a thousand years from now? Would we be living on the moon or routinely travelling at the speed of light? Something metallic and shielding offers a futuristic fashion statement. "Future" dress apparel may be made by wrapping your current clothes in tin foil. Using a glue gun will help fasten the tin foil to your old clothing either completely or sporadically to gain the desired look.

If you'd rather not have the crunch of the tin foil all night, painting your old T-shirt and jeans with a metallic silver or gold fabric paint would provide the same effect. Doing the same the white gloves will transform your hands. A silver or gold hat and sunglasses will complete the ensemble.

Alien/Human Hybrid

Explore the alien look. Covering all exposed skin with green body paint helps set the stage. Attach a "googly" eye from your local arts and crafts store to your forehead while the body paint is still wet. Coloured hairspray adds a little sheen. Local drugstores or arts and craft store offer a range of colours such as silver, gold, pink, blue and orange that wash out after you shower.

After you have completely outfitted yourself as an alien, put on normal clothing and hit the town.

Time Traveler

Speeding into the future? This costume will get you to your destination in lightning speed.

When your hair is dry, flip your head upside down and apply a liberal amount of hair glue from root to tip. Using a hair dryer will help dry the glue. Once it starts to feel stiff--but still has a little play to it--stand up straight and begin moulding it by slicking it straight back, as if you had just gone very fast in a convertible.

This hairdo will look as though you had just time travelled at the speed of light to the party or gathering you'll be attending.


When the future comes, you'll be much, much older. So dress the part.

After completely masking your face with make-up that is a shade lighter than your skin, use a grey eyeliner to draw wrinkles throughout your skin. Add grey hairspray to your hair to create either a completely grey hairdo, or streaks of grey throughout. Strap a small pillow to your the top of your back to create a "hump." Put your shirt or dress on over this. Walking with a cane and a limp completes the part.

While this costume is not futuristic in the sense that it is a new idea, it is futuristic in the sense that you've jumped ahead 30, 40 or 50 years in just one day.

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