My Leather Sofa Is Peeling

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A leather sofa brings a modern and elegant look to a home. While leather is durable and tough, age and wear can take its toll. When purchasing leather furnishings, it is vital to choose the best quality piece and care for it properly. The finish on a piece of leather furniture can peel under some circumstances.


When leather peels, it is actually the finish on the material peeling away. The cause can be from the manufacturing process or from improper cleaning. During the manufacturing process, the material may be oversprayed to correct a problem with the material or to match a finish colour. Oversprayed finish may not adhere to the leather properly and peel. The finish may also peel if it is tacky when stacked during manufacture. Cleaning products with solvents may cause the finish to peel as well. Furniture manufacturers recommend using only specific products or mild cleansers to clean leather furniture.


Manufacturers of leather furniture can ensure the pieces do not peel by providing cleaning information for customers as well as monitoring the manufacturing and finishing process. The manufacturer should ensure the material is completely dry before stacking and avoid overspraying the leather.

Repair Techniques

Leather repair may require the services of a professional. When peeling is extensive, replacing the panel of leather may be the best permanent solution. Leather repair kits can provide a solution for scuffed peeling areas of the sofa. A kit may include a cleaning solution, abrasive brushes and sponges to remove the peeling material and a dye to restore the colour finish to the furniture.

Quality Leather Upholstery

Purchasing quality leather furnishings will reduce the chances of peeling. Full aniline leather is a high quality material that does not use a protective coating. This material allows all the imperfections of the leather to be visible, but it does not peel in the same way as leathers with a protective coat. The material is softer, but it is not resistant to stains.

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