Easy Preschool Activity Ideas

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It is important to offer a rich variety of engaging activities and games to preschoolers. It is through play, music, crafts and games that young children improve motor skills, language skills and problem-solving abilities. Preschool activities provide more than just fun or entertainment; they help your child develop valuable life skills. From art to music, there are many fun activities to educate and entertain preschool children.

Crayon Art

Crayons are often one of the first art tools that young children experience. Provide your child with paper and crayons and ask her to draw a picture of herself, her pet or favourite cartoon character so that she can explore her creativity. Tape three crayons together so that she can easily draw rainbows to add a new twist to her art activity. Alternatively, allow her to experiment with crayons and then brush a paint wash over her picture to reveal the image she has created underneath.

Musical Instruments

Music plays an important role in the lives of preschoolers. Songs help young children learn a variety of tasks from reciting the alphabet to learning to count. Add a new element to musical activities by getting your child to make his own music instrument. Shakers can be made from old plastic shampoo bottles filled with dried rice or beans. Each time your preschooler sings a song, he can play his new homemade instrument at the same time.

Baking Activities

Baking is a creative way for young children to experience new textures and tastes. Preschoolers can learn to feel independent by completing specific tasks themselves, such as mixing a bowl of batter or adding an ingredient such as sugar or flour. Bake cookies or cupcakes with your child and let your preschooler's imagination run wild when it comes to decorating the baked goods. Furthermore, your preschooler will enjoy eating the finished treats as much as she enjoyed the baking process.

Dot-to-Dot Pictures

Preschool children can feel a great sense of achievement at completing a dot-to-dot picture as it enables them to feel more confident about their drawing abilities. Dot-to-dot pictures can be made by parents or printed from a variety of websites as an inexpensive and simple preschool art activity. Once your child has joined the dots together, allow him to complete the picture by adding colour with crayons, tissue paper or glitter.

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