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Discussion Topics for Women's Groups

Updated February 21, 2017

When women get together, they like to talk. Churches often have women's groups discuss a wide variety of topics. Christian groups talk about the Bible or lessons from it, but there women want and need many other things and need to learn and share with other women.

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Women need other women to be their friends. Women friends are good for talking, sharing, venting out our frustrations or just going to see a movie that the guys do not care about. The group can discuss what qualities make for a good friend. Discuss how many true friends each one has, without giving specific numbers or names. Ask them that when life gets hard, how many of their friends do they think will still be there. If this is a church-sponsored women's group, look up some Scripture passages on friendship and share with everyone what the Bible has to say.


Marriage is a very important topic for women to discuss . This is a good place for older women who have been married longer to mentor younger women contemplating marriage. Discuss marriage expectations. Explore what women expect when they get married, and discuss what they should realistically expect. Have women at this discussion group from a range of married years. For example, have a newlywed, maybe someone who has been married 20 years, 30 years and maybe a couple in between. Compare how these women view marriage.


Family is not the same as marriage. Family involves raising children, dealing with the pressures and the difficulties they bring, along with the blessings. Bring marriage into the topic of family by asking how couples keep the romance alive when kids have a tendency to take up a lot of the parents' time. Talk about raising kids of all ages and the differences that moms can expect from infancy all the way through the teenage years. Talk about having adult children and how that is different once they move away from the home. Ask older moms how they are handling an empty nest.


Beauty is one thing that can obsess women . This starts at a very early age in girls. Plan a spa-type day and have a discussion on what true beauty is. Talk about not only the outer appearance, but also the heart. The heart of a woman is what truly matters and that is how people will remember her, not because she had the mythical "perfect" body or was a supermodel.

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