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Lower Back Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Tattoos make an artistic statement and many people love to flaunt their individualised body artwork. There are some situations where a tattoo needs to be covered up, like a wedding, an interview or a day at the beach. Whatever your reasons for hiding your tattoos, there are several effective methods for covering them up.

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There are several make-up kits you can use to cover up a tattoo on your lower back. A good concealing kit includes different shades of foundation to make your skin look natural. Look for a make-up kit that uses waterproof foundation for water-based events. Make-up works well on smaller tattoos but you can use it on larger artwork with the right combination of foundation shades and applicators. Small, spongy applicators allow you to conceal the tattoo without smearing the liquid cover-up. Since most kits come with varying shades of concealer, mix the colours together until you create a shade closest to your skin tone. After you create the correct shade, apply evenly to your skin, over your tattoo.

Synthetic Skins

A synthetic skin is like "second" skin that you apply directly over your tattoo. Look for a skin that is designed specifically for tattoo-covering, like Hide Ink tattoo covers. You can cut each sheet of "skin" to the size you need. Look for a skin that has natural skin-tone colouring and that won't come off when exposed to water. If you can't find a skin in your natural skin-tone, use a small amount of liquid-based concealer to blend the synthetic skin with your skin-tone.

Camouflage and Sprays

Camouflage kits use a combination of paste and spray to temporarily erase the artwork on your lower back. You can customise the colours in the paste to completely cover all of the ink in your tattoo. After applying the paste to your tattoo, use the spray to seal the paste in place. The spray acts like a barrier to keep the paste from smudging and keeps your clothes protected from the camouflage paste.


If you do not have access to make-up, camouflage or skins to cover your tattoo, look to your clothing to help. A lower-back tattoo is covered effectively by wearing dark clothing or tucking in your shirt. Lighter coloured clothing can reveal dark or large tattoos, but dark clothing will keep the colours from bleeding through. Cotton blends are typically not see-through or transparent; steer away from gauzy or silky materials that might highlight rather than hide your tattoo. Tuck your shirt into your trousers or skirt to effectively hide a lower back tattoo.

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