Signs of Women With Low Self-Esteem

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Twice as many women as men are affected by mental health issues that affect self-esteem. Low self-esteem can be caused by a combination of life experiences, personality traits and overall mental well-being. Low self-esteem manifests in outward signs and internal struggles that affect every aspect of life.

When a woman feels bad about herself, her quality of life is impacted. There are signs that a woman is struggling with low self-esteem.


A woman with low self-esteem engages in negative self-talk. Her internal and external dialogues are full of put-downs and derogatory statements. She engages in continual self-depreciation even without realising it. She says she feels worthless or stupid.


A woman with low self-esteem needs constant reassurance and seeks approval in a negative way. She makes choices that people around her may view as attention-seeking. In reality, she feels people are looking down on her or making fun of her.


Major signs of low self-esteem are stress and depression. There is a tendency to develop conditions such as anxiety, eating disorders and addictions. She cannot cope well with setbacks and has little resiliency. Her expectations are unrealistic and contribute to her feelings of being anxious and ineffective. She has a difficult time accepting her mistakes and as a result suffers from guilt or places the blame on others. When confronted with difficult choices, she makes excuses and does not accept responsibility for her decisions.


A woman with self-esteem problems may be dissatisfied with her appearance and other perceived flaws. Conversely, if combined with depression, she may show a lack of interest in her appearance or health. She does not believe compliments or praise. She is jealous of other people for having the qualities she feels she cannot attain.


She is unable to move forward personally and feels inadequate in her role as a mother, employee, student, partner or daughter. She will not have the confidence to enhance herself professionally or academically. She is reluctant to take on challenges for fear of failure.


Women with low self-esteem wind up in unhealthy relationships with controlling, abusive or inequitable partners. She feels she does not deserve better, nor knows how to express her needs. Others find it easy to take advantage of her need for approval. She will criticise other people in an attempt to make herself feel better. She will avoid making new friends and neglects the ones she has. It is likely that she will project her low self-esteem onto her children.