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Fun signs to keep the workplace tidy

It is important for business managers to maintain a clean, organised workplace to provide a safe and sanitary environment for employees. It is also good idea to provide a pleasant working atmosphere to encourage camaraderie and overall staff morale. One way employers can enforce company cleaning and sanitation guidelines in a pleasant, encouraging manner is to deliver company cleaning policies with a bit of humour and wit. Posting fun signs to keep the workplace tidy is a good start.

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No Smoking

Cigarette smoking isn't just a dangerous habit. It also leaves behind foul-smelling ashtrays, cigarette butts, dusty ashes and yellow stains and residue on walls and windows. One way to discourage -- or prohibit -- smoking in the workplace is by posting humorous signs. A few funny signs about smoking in the workplace include: "No smoking unless you're on fire," "You may be smokin', but only in looks" and "Please don't throw cigarettes on the ground. The cockroaches are getting cancer."


One way to take a light approach to enforcing workplace kitchen cleanliness rules is by displaying a plaque that reads, "Due to circumstances beyond our control, our butler and maid have resigned. You cooperation in helping keep this place clean will be greatly appreciated." Other funny kitchen sayings to hang in the workplace include: "This is not a self-cleaning kitchen; pick up after yourself," "Help keep this kitchen clean -- eat out" and "Make yourself at home. Wash your dishes."


Employers with a good sense of humour can find a variety of hilarious signs to promote cleanliness and good hygiene in company rest rooms. Some witty bathroom sayings for the workplace that are available as signs read, "If you sprinkle when you tinkle, please be sweet and wipe the seat;" "We aim to please. You aim, too, please;" "If at first you don't succeed, flush again" and "Gentlemen -- stand closer, it's shorter than you think. Ladies -- please remain seated for the entire performance."

A way to lighten up the standard "Employees must wash hands" sign is to replace it with one that reads, "The law of common decency requires that you wash your hands before leaving this room."


You'll also find a number of funny signs that refer to the general neat and tidiness of the entire establishment. Most of them are composed quite generally, making them appropriate for any type of business. Some witty one-liners include: "This is your home five days of the week; help keep it clean," "Your mom is not here. Please clean your own mess" and "Ring bell for service. If no one answers, do it yourself."

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About the Author

Michelle Renee is a professional trainer and quality assurance consultant in the career, education and customer service industries, with two decades of experience in food/beverage and event coordinating management. Renee has been published by Lumino and Career Flight as well as various food, education and business publications.

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