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For some people, turning 50 years old can be a somewhat depressing event. They feel like the milestone means they are getting old. To counteract this, many people like to give gifts that make fun of the event, prodding the woman turning 50 to lighten the event. There are a number of amusing gifts that can be given to a woman turning the big 5-0.

Gag Basket

Try a gift basket filled with "gag" gifts that make fun of getting older. Fill the basket with all sorts of products for geriatrics, like prune juice, arthritis medication, or denture products. You might even take it up a notch by adding a pack of adult diapers or a cane to the basket as a way to really poke fun at the milestone.

Overloaded Birthday Cake

Another way to make light of a 50th birthday is to get a birthday cake, and load it up with 50 individual birthday candles. Be sure to get a cake that can handle that many candles, and only put them all in and light them in an area where there are no nearby fire hazards. To add to the joke, after lighting all the candles, hand the birthday girl a bucket of water or fire extinguisher to help with the giant task.

Time Capsule

For a woman turning 50, an amusing gift can be to gather up all sorts of information about the world from when they were born. Put together a package that includes information like who was President, what the top songs and movies were, or even a map showing what the world looked like back when they were born. There are several online resources that also provide information about the prices of products over the years, which can further paint how much time has passed.

Hot Flush Kit

As a woman turns 50, one of the things she will undergo eventually is menopause. To poke fun at this event, a funny birthday gift can be a hot flush kit that consists of handy items for the event. A handheld fan, ice pack, or handkerchief can be included to help deal with those hot flushes. Also add some chocolates or other sweets as "medication" to deal with those flashes.

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