Haircuts for Cockapoos

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A cockapoo is a dog that is a hybrid of a cocker spaniel and a poodle. They can range widely in size depending upon whether a standard poodle or toy poodle is mixed with the cocker spaniel. Like the poodle, the cockapoo has curly, soft fur and requires regular grooming to avoid matting.

Cockapoo Cut

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There is no standard cockapoo cut. Unlike other breeds such as schnauzers, which have a specific cut used on them by groomers to maintain the breed's characteristics, the cockapoo has no specific cut that is used more often than others. Therefore, an individual owner has many options of cuts to select from when grooming a cockapoo.

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Many groomers prefer a teddy bear cut on cockapoos due to the cute, round face of a cockapoo which can resemble a teddy bear. The teddy bear cut calls for a groomer to trim the dog's fur 2 to 3 inches in length uniformly all around the dog, maintaining a short tail and ears as well. The teddy bear cut brings out the dark, friendly eyes of the breed and the cute dark nose.

Puppy Cut

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Due to the soft, fluffy curls found on a cockapoo, many groomers prefer a puppy cut on this breed to avoid mats and highlight the velvety texture of fur. A puppy cut calls for very short, trimmed ears and tail. The dog's body may be trimmed very closely or in many cases can be shaved. The idea of a puppy cut is for the dog to look as she did when she was a young puppy, when her fur had not yet grown out. Dogs of all ages look adorable with a puppy cut and it is an easy cut for a low maintenance coat.

Bichon Frise Cut

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The bichon frise cut is also known as the show cut, and is used on the bichon breed to highlight the roundness of the dog's face. It is also used on the cockapoo, which has an easier coat to maintain than the bichon's, which requires daily brushing due to its double coat. A bichon cut is a minimum of 2 inches in length around the dog for show dogs according to the American Standard presented by the American Kennel Club, but it can be longer for a cockapoo depending upon the owner's preference. The hair on the dog's head is trimmed to a length between 2 and 4 inches in length, giving the dog a puffball appearance. The key difference between this cut and others is that the area around the eyes is closely trimmed, similar to the puppy cut, while the rest of the body is left longer. The paws are often cut short as well for easier maintenance.