Things to do at a sleepover when you need to be quiet

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Sleepovers can easily get loud and out of control. Sometimes though, guests at a sleepover need to stay quiet because of a sleeping baby or a parent who needs wake up early the next morning for work. Whatever the reason, one supervising parent and the sleepover attendees will need lots of ideas to keep them having a blast and staying quiet.

Who? Where? Why?

"Who? Where? Why?" is a fun variation to the traditional truth or dare game. Children attending the sleepover will form a circle. The person hosting will begin and demonstrate the game. She will ask the person to her right a personal question that begins with the word "who," "where" or "why." The guest will answer the question or can choose to pass if the question makes her too uncomfortable to answer. If she chooses to pass, she will need to answer two less personal questions. Play will continue in a clockwise motion. This is a fun way for guests to get to know each other better.

Decorating Cookies

Decorating sugar cookies can be a creative and quiet activity. The cookies should be baked in advance to avoid unnecessary noise from bustling around the kitchen and washing dishes. Cookies can be made to match the theme of the party by using theme-shaped cookie cutters. The host should have cookies, several colours of frosting, sprinkles, piping icing and coloured decorating sugar prepared on a table where all of her guests can sit.

Fortune-Telling Game

To make the necessary spinner for the game, attach a 3-inch arrow made out of card stock to the centre of a paper plate with a brass fastener. Draw three diameter lines to create six "pie-slice" sections for the spinner to land on. Each section should have one of the following phrases or words written in it: "Yes," "No," "Maybe," "Most likely," "I doubt it" and "I'm not telling!" The guests will pass around the spinner and ask it a yes or no question, then flick the spinner for an answer. This is a fun activity that will create lots of quiet giggling and conversation.

Movie Wrap-Up

A wonderful way to quiet down sleepover attendees and transition into bed is to watch a movie. Have all guests change into pyjamas and get their bedding set up in a main area where they can fall asleep after (or during) the movie. Turn on the movie, make some popcorn and pass out small water bottles. Turn out the lights and tell the children it is time to wind down and be quiet. After the movie, have guests brush their teeth and climb into their sleeping bags for the night.

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