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Craft Ideas for the Good Samaritan Bible Story

Updated April 17, 2017

The Good Samaritan Bible story, a parable told by Jesus, teaches important lessons about helping others; that being so, it makes for a valuable topic of discussion with your children. Using interactive, hands-on activities like craft projects should help you convey the messages of the story in an entertaining way that kids can relate to.

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First Aid Kit

Inspire your kids to be good Samaritans on a daily basis by providing them with the tools to help people in need should they encounter a problematic situation in the neighbourhood or on the playground. Create miniature first aid kits that they can carry around with them in case they witness a minor injury like a scraped knee. Choose a few items like bandages, antibiotic ointment and cotton swabs and place them in a small container of your choice; ideas for containers could include a film canister, a Tupperware container or a pencil case. Let the kids adorn their containers with stickers, paint and other decorative objects.

Compassion Rolls

These easy-to-make crafts should come in handy when your kids see someone in need of cheering up. Have the kids trim an empty toilet paper roll on the outside using markers, tissue paper, paint and other decorative materials. Use a piece of cloth to cover one end of the tube, securing it with a piece of ribbon. Then the kids can place items like small candies, cutouts of inspirational Bible verses or smiley-face stickers into the tube. Once the tube is filled, secure the open end with a piece of cloth and ribbon. Tell your kids to be on the lookout for someone who seems to need cheering up; when they see a chance to be a good Samaritan, have them give the compassion roll to the person in need.

Helping Hands Poster

Create a poster that kids can hang on their bedroom walls as a daily reminder that they have helping hands that ready them to jump into good Samaritan mode at any time. Supply each child with a piece of poster board, and then have each child go around to the other children's posters to dunk a hand in tempera paint and make prints on each one. The children should think of something they can do to help someone in need and write that word or phrase beneath the handprints. The poster should remind them that the world contains other good Samaritans as well.

Kindness Flower

This is an ongoing craft that can be used to demonstrate the beautiful results that showing kindness in good Samaritan fashion can produce. Have the children help you cut out flower petals from pieces of colourful construction paper. On each petal the children write down a way that they can show kindness to others. The idea is to inspire the kids to show kindness --- a sort of do-good challenge. Create a circle from the construction paper to represent the centre of the flower and post it on a notice board, along with a green stem. Each time a child fulfils the word on a flower petal, it can be glued or stapled to the flower. The goal is to build up the flower petals until you have a beautiful bloom.

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