Birthday Ideas for a 46 Year Old Lady

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Most women in their mid-forties are at the top of their games. Your favourite 46-year-old woman has likely accomplished much and has a clear idea about what she wants out of life and how to get it.

What she may need is to take some time out to relax and rejuvenate, a luxury that many people forgo on the way to success and financial stability. You can help the woman in your life unwind by giving her gifts that nurture her body, soul and creativity.

Yoga and Meditation Supplies

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Yoga postures and meditation are practices that enhance tranquillity, balance and reduce stress. Having her own yoga and meditation supplies will encourage your 46-year-old to find a space in her house to dedicate to these peaceful and beneficial disciplines. Once they become a habit, they can be life changing. Items can include a yoga mat, meditation mat and cushion, meditation bell and books and DVDs about yoga postures and meditation techniques. Throw in an introductory yoga or meditation class.

Essential Oils and Creams

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Essential oils smell wonderful and are traditionally thought to have healing properties. For example, lavender oil is thought to relieve stress and anxiety. Your local essential-oils retailer can offer information about the various oils and their benefits and let you smell the,. Consider buying the birthday woman a set of four to six small bottles and a book about essential oils or aromatherapy to get her started. A natural, plant-based cream would be a nice addition to the oils, as well as a packet of herbs to put in her bath.

Full-Body Massage

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An ideal gift for a busy woman is a full-body massage, which she can enjoy in the privacy of her home. It's not hard to find a licensed massage therapist that will bring along her table and supplies for a 1 1/2 hour massage. Or, if she wants to visit the spa, you can throw in a sauna or swim afterward as part of her birthday package.

Hair and Facial

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If a party or special date is planned to celebrate her 46th birthday, she'll appreciate a few hours at the beauty salon to get her looking her best. Make the appointment at her favourite salon and with her customary stylist, if she has one. A facial will make her face glow for the special occasion. Add a manicure and pedicure to complete the pretty picture.

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A gift of a special adventure for her birthday can become a treasured memory, especially if you give her a camera to record it. Take her up in a hot-air balloon, on a whale-spotting boat trip, deep-sea fishing, white-water rating or canoeing on a placid lake. If she's a city lover, consider a tour of art museums, antique stores, historical houses and lunch in the park or at her favourite restaurant.

Gourmet Cookware

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Your 46-year-old may be ready for a new infusion of quality cookware in her kitchen. Perhaps a sauté pan, wok or saucier would be just the thing to rekindle her creativity. Or buy her a bread machine, food processor, espresso maker, ice cream and sorbet maker or a food dehydrator to extend her foodie horizons.

Arts or Crafts

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Personal, handmade gifts are often the most treasured and proudly displayed by the person who receives them. Even if you don't have the skills to make a handcrafted gift or work of art, visit local galleries and craft shops to choose something thoughtful that reflects her personality. Also, find beautiful, handcrafted items from all over the world online.