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Samples of demographic questions

Updated March 23, 2017

Demographic questions are fixed questions used to find out who is using a certain product or service, where those people are located, ages, ethnicities, or income levels. Demographic questions are asked for marketing and promotional purposes or to gather information and data about people for Census reports. Demographics help determine where federal and state funds are most needed and for what purpose.

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What Is Your Gender?

This is a demographic question that is asked so that when a survey is done, the results will tabulate the differences between the way men and women think, if any. It may also be for the purpose of discovering how many women are concentrated in certain areas versus how many men.

What Year Were You Born?

This demographic question helps surveyors determine not only the ages of the people in the polling, but what are the variances in attitude and opinion between different age groups. Some may ask what year you were born, others may ask your age range and some may ask your specific age.

What Is Your Level of Education?

This demographic question is used to determine what the level of education is with those who answer the survey or poll. The reason this may be a factor in attitudes and opinion is not to determine how smart anyone is, but to discover what the differences are in people who did not finish high school, did finish high school but did not go to college, went to college but did not graduate, graduated from college or may be an advanced level graduate. Sometimes there is no variance between educational levels, sometimes there is.

What Is Your Current Employment Status?

This question may be asked to determine whether those who answer a survey or a poll are working, not working, working part-time, a student, a homemaker or a retiree. These factors also determine who is answering the survey and may determine how other questions are answered. Demographic questions are usually fixed -- meaning there is only one answer or one range of answers, but the fixed factors may weigh heavily on the answers to the variable questions.

What Is Your Current Income Level?

This is a demographic question that helps determine what income range the respondents are within. It is usually asked within an income range, rather than a direct answer about the respondent's exact stated income.

What Is Your Racial/Ethnic Identity?

This demographic question is usually asked to help determine the variances of answers between persons of different races and ethnicities. It is never specific to a person, but to a group of people to help understand the differences in thought patterns between ethnic groups.

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