Marilyn Manson Costume Ideas

Born as Brian Warner, Marilyn Manson emerged to become one of the most controversial performers f the 1990s. In the tradition of Alice Cooper before him, Manson wore make-up and created a persona that shocked and entertained fans at the same time. The larger-than-life characterisation offers a lot of inspiration for costume creation. Whether for a Halloween show, a club or a rock concert, a Marilyn Manson costume is likely to get attention.


Goth clothing is the basic concept to remember when looking for Marilyn Manson-style attire. However, Manson has shown quite a range of clothing choices within that general category. Manson generally wears dark clothing, with an emphasis on black, but it is not out of the question to see bright red as a main colour. His attire ranges from a dress suit to black leather.


Marilyn Manson's make-up options, like his clothing choices, also vary. The most easily recognisable look requires white make-up on the face. Use red lipstick and accent it with a dark outline. Blue or dark eye shadow should be applied around the eyes. An alternate look involves a natural skin tone with the same lip and eye treatments applied. Hair, or a wig, should be straight and long. Most times Manson wears his hair jet black, but bright red is also an option.


Combat boots or black Gothic boots should be worn. Manson often wears hats, generally in black. His style ranges from a paramilitary look to a top hat or even a cowboy hat. Black gloves are an option, as well. Manson often wears a single white contact lens with a black border. Some contact lens stores carry this type of lens for special order. While it is a more extreme touch, the single contact really sells the costume.

Props and Jewelry

The most obvious prop is a microphone. Carrying a batch of Marilyn Manson pictures, as if planning to autograph them, will also be effective. If going that route, though, tailor the costume to match the photo to further sell the idea of the costume. A number of choices work in terms of jewellery. A spiked or otherwise goth-looking collar is a good choice. Multiple rings in large Gothic styles across multiple fingers adds to the Marilyn Manson effect.

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