Simple Knitted Pattern Ideas for Craft Bazaars

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Simple knitted items are usually made from square or rectangle shapes, and use a version of the basic knit stitch. Stockinet and garter stitch are the first patterns a new knitter learns, so most experienced knitters can whip out simple projects using these stitches very quickly. Combine simple patterns with interesting yarn, and you'll be able to craft a whole display of knitted items to sell at a craft bazaar or fair.


Use 100 per cent cotton yarn to create simple washcloths that can be used in the kitchen or bathroom. Washcloths are generally eight to ten inch squares, so they will work up quickly and need only a small amount of yarn. Cotton yarn is inexpensive, and handmade washcloths are a craft bazaar staple that should help you turn a profit at your next event.


A scarf is an ideal project for a beginning knitter because it is simple and can be completed without any complex patterns. This simplicity makes scarves ideal for craft fairs as they utilise simple techniques mastered by even novice knitters. Use novelty yarn and your knitting skills to make a selection of fluffy, sparkly scarves and watch them fly off your bazaar table.


Hats of any size are simple to knit from any gauge or brand of yarn you have on hand. Hats are also ideal for using up scraps from other projects, which is a bonus since the less money you spend to create a project for sale, the more profit you'll make at a craft bazaar. Make hats in several sizes, from infant to adult, depending on the amount of time you have to knit and the supplies you have on hand or have budgeted for.

Tips for Selling Knitted Items

Label your knitted bazaar items with the price, fibre and any other relevant information. Display your knit pieces on a table, hanging from a clothesline or piled in pretty wash basins or baskets. If you use a unique or organic fibre, make sure to tell your customers about the added value of your handcrafted pieces.

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