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Cleopatra's headdress is an extremely ornate part of the Cleopatra costume, but it does not need to be super expensive to make. By using a few steps and buying a few choice items, you can create an impressive Cleopatra headdress that will be the envy of any Halloween party.

Searching for Elements

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Collect the items you will need to make the headpiece. Find a black elastic headband if you are using a black wig. If not, choose gold elastic. Gather golden sequinned appliques, cheap gold coloured fashion jewellery, six to eight pairs of gold dangly fashion earrings, fake gemstones and rhinestones, gold glitter and strong crafty glue. If you can find the elements in pairs or even numbers, it's even better so that your headpiece will be symmetrical.

Applying Basic Elements to the Headpiece

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With the strong craft glue, start attaching the gold charms and other elements along the elastic headband. Try to add two of each element, one on each side, to create a sense of symmetry. Leave room for the main centrepiece. Make sure you let the glue on these elements dry very well.

Applying Main Centerpiece Element

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When applying the main centrepiece element, it is important to apply enough glue to hold it in place. The headband will be placed just over the top part of the forehead. Allow to dry completely.

Applying Extra Elements

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You can fill in empty spaces with gold glitter or sequins. Add the earrings to the edges to dangle along the hair by piercing the post or wire through the elastic. Add the earrings equally along the front, sides and back of the headpiece.

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