Jesus Changes Water Into Wine Crafts

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Jesus performed his first miracle when he turned water to wine at a wedding. The event, recorded in the book of John, describes how the wedding hosts ran out of wine. Jesus asked the servants to fill six empty jars with water. When they drew the water out of the jars, it was wine. In your Sunday school class, children can make crafts that reinforce the meaning behind this important story.

Jar Collages

Before class, cut jar shapes from construction paper. Tell children that wine was missing from the wedding party, but Jesus miraculously provided it. Ask kids to think about ways in which Jesus has filled the needs in their lives. Give one jar to each child. Tell kids to pretend the jar represents their lives. Let children cut pictures from magazines that represent things Jesus has given them, such as food, family and friends. Tell kids to glue the pictures to their jars so they can remember the wonderful things Jesus has given them so they can have full lives.

Bunches of Blessings

Explain to children that wine is made from grapes, and grapes grow in clusters. The wine that Jesus made was a blessing for the married couple. Tell kids they're going to make a cluster of grapes that will remind them of the blessings Jesus has given them. Squeeze purple paint onto small paper plates. Give each child a large piece of construction paper and an empty toilet paper roll. Show them how to dip the end of the roll into the paint and press it on the paper, leaving a purple circle. Tell kids to keep making circles until they have a cluster of grapes. When the grapes dry, let kids write or draw one blessing on each grape.

Clay Jars

Jesus' first miracle occurred inside six regular jars when the water turned to wine. Children can make keepsake jars from self-hardening clay. Help children mould the clay into jars of different shapes. Give each child a toothpick so they can carve designs on the outside of the jar. Tell them to write "Jesus Can Do Miracles" somewhere on the jar with the toothpick to remind them of the lesson. Let children take the jars home after the clay has dried.

Miraculous Spinners

Use this craft to teach children how Jesus can turn a bad situation into a good one. Show children how to fold a regular piece of construction paper in half. Instruct children to draw jars on both sides. Tell them to colour the inside of one jar blue to represent water and the other red to represent wine. Show kids how to tape a drinking straw to the inside of the folded paper. Tape the open end of the folded paper closed, encasing the straw. Kids can spin the straw in their hands, alternating back and forth between the picture of the water jar and wine jar.

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