Nomination Ideas for Prom

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The end of the senior year of high school is busy with fun activities, such as prom, which is the biggest dance of the high school experience. The prom court, including the king and queen, is a large part of the night, and the prom committee will need to gather nominations for the court. Getting the nominations from everyone in the student body is essential in the spirit of fairness and opportunity for every student voice to be heard.

Nomination Posters

The prom committee will make posters announcing the upcoming nominations and place these posters wherever the school administration allows posters to be hung. The posters are important to get the student body excited for nominations. Include on the posters areas where the information will be accepted or class times that will accept nominations. Make the posters colourful, flashy and exciting, using glitter, school mascots and high school idols to grab attention. These wall hangings will be advertising from the committee, so get as creative as possible and use inspiration from real-life commercials.

Laying Out Boxes

Place boxes in strategic areas of the school, such as the lunchroom, general entrance area and foyers, or near administrative offices within the school. Use empty tissue boxes decorated with a prom theme. Print or cut out nomination forms for the student body to fill out and place anonymously in boxes. These boxes will attract those students who may not wish to let the prom committee or anyone else know whom they are nominating.

Asking Teachers for Help

Most school clubs and organisations have a teacher sponsor. The prom committee will ask their teacher sponsor for assistance when gathering prom nominations, either in addition to or in place of the decorated tissue boxes. The teacher will distribute nomination forms to each classroom then collect the forms, tracking which students fill out forms with a general school roster. This method keeps the nominations anonymous, if necessary, and it is a method that can be used if a school is asking for one nomination from each student. The teacher will have easier access to school lists and organisation tools to track nominations.

Making an Announcement

Ask the school office if a representative from the prom committee will be allowed to make an announcement regarding the nominations. The announcement will include information such as where the nominations are to be collected, and it should also encourage students to participate. If possible, make the announcement every day, especially as the end date for form acceptance draws closer.

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