Interesting Topics for an Oral Presentation

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Choose a topic for a high school or college presentation that interests you. Your enthusiasm for your chosen subject will show when giving the speech. A solid foundation of knowledge, along with preparation and practice, helps you appear more confident.

Begin your speech with a quote or funny story to capture the interest of your audience. Maintain their attention with interesting facts and pertinent information. Conclude your speech by giving an overview of your topic.

Health Topics

Choose a health topic that interests you, such as diseases, exercise or food. Inform classmates about the causes, prevention and treatments of diseases, such as cancer or diabetes. Exercising is an interesting topic because you can discuss different forms of exercising, ways to prevent injuries, the best time of day to exercise and the health benefits of staying active. Different foods have a variety of health benefits, which make intriguing topics. Combine topics, such as diet and exercise, to give classmates an overview on getting in shape.

Social Topics

Recidivism in the United States or the effects of violence on television are topics that affect society. Present useful information, such as protecting yourself against identity theft or adopting children overseas. Politics, wars or poverty cover a wide range of subject options. Extremely controversial topics, such as abortion, can elicit heated discussions. Prepare with rebuttals backed up by facts if choosing to give a controversial speech.


Give an oral presentation about fixing cars or travelling to the Caribbean islands. Video games, sports or pets also make interesting topics. Present information about your favourite author or a board game you enjoy, such as chess. Chances are you have already spent hours researching your hobbies, so you are ahead of the game.


Demonstrate how to make a raw vegan meal or mix paints to produce different colours. Use videos or images to demonstrate do-it-yourself projects, such as turning a diesel engine into a ethanol engine. Ask for a volunteer to assist in demonstrating martial arts techniques or face painting. Using props in oral presentations keeps your audience interested and focused.