Ideas for Hiding Pipes

Ugly pipes plague kitchens, bathrooms and any room that uses water lines. When construction work is done on the room or a leak is detected, the builder might remove part of the wall, which leaves the pipes on display. No matter why your pipes are out and about, you need ways to hide them. Hiding exposed pipes gives you room a more decorative feel.

Shadow Box Design

A shadow box design pairs nicely with exposed pipes because it gives the eye other things to focus on. The trick is to use a variety of shadow boxes and arrange those boxes around the pipes. Place the boxes on either side of the pipes and on the top and bottom of horizontal pipes. Try placing the boxes as close to the pipes as possible. The small amount of pipe that remains visible will blend into the surrounding boxes and become part of the design. Use the boxes to display small knick-knacks and decorative items.

Paint the Pipes

For PVC or plastic pipes, a fresh coat of paint is all you need to hide the pipes. Paint over the pipes with a paintbrush, using the brush to reach the spaces beneath or behind the pipes. Go over the walls with a paint roller. For a more decorative look, try painting the wall and pipe in two different colours. Use a brighter colour on the walls and paint the pipes in a neutral colour, like tan or cream. The pipes will almost seem like a piece of artwork in the room.

Build Around It

Hide the pipes by building small cabinets around each pipe. Create small frames around the pipes, using pieces of wood that run the length and width of the pipes. Attach more wood to the frames, creating hinged lids that open and close. If the pipes leak or you have another problem, then you can still easily reach the pipes. Stain or paint the cabinets to match the rest of the room.

Cover up the Pipes

For wall pipes in a kitchen or bathroom, hide the pipes with cabinets. Look for mass-produced cabinets that have cardboard or thin wood backings. Remove the backing and place the cabinet against the wall, hiding the pipes inside each one. Use the inside of the cabinets to store cleaning supplies, health and beauty items, pots, kitchen tools and anything else you have on hand.

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