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Many of the foods that people enjoy on a daily basis are not safe for their pets to eat. Dogs can develop severe health problems and even die from eating the wrong types of food. Before you feed your dog scraps from the table, ensure that you don't feed it something that could cause it harm. While several things may not be good for your dog, these ten items top the list of foods dangerous for your dog.


Most pet owners know not to give their dogs any form of chocolate, because chocolate can cause a dog to have diarrhoea, seizures or an abnormal heartbeat. Chocolate is toxic to dogs and is fatal if consumed in mass quantities.

Macadamia Nuts

It takes as little as six macadamia nuts to make your dog sick, as these nuts are poisonous to dogs. Macadamia nuts eave your dog weak, overheated and paralysed in its hind legs.

Fruit Pits and Seeds

Unlike humans, dogs do not know that pits and seeds are not for eating. Fruits like peaches and plums have pits that contain deadly levels of cyanide, while persimmon seeds can block your dog's intestinal track.

Raw Eggs, Meat and Fish

Raw eggs may infect your dog with Salmonella or E.coli and cause it to lose its coat over time. Raw meats and fish contain deadly bacteria as well as potential parasites.


Beverages like tea, coffee and energy drinks that contain caffeine can cause bleeding, heart palpitations and rapid breathing if ingested by your dog. A large enough dose is fatal and smaller dogs are more susceptible.

Grapes and Raisins

It takes a small amount of grapes or raisins to cause your dog to become ill or depressed. Grapes and raisins also cause kidney failure in dogs.

Onions and Garlic

Whether fresh or in a powder, onions and garlic causes your dog's red blood count to lower, which leads to anaemia. A small amount is OK, but continually feeding onions or garlic to your dog over time can cause poisoning.


Dogs suffer the same negative effects from alcohol as people including vomiting, difficulty with movement and liver failure. A dog may go into a coma or die from drinking alcohol.


Avocados contain a fungicide called persin, which is toxic to dogs in large quantities. Persin is found in all parts of the avocado plant, so block your dog's access to avocado plants if you grow them in your garden.

Table Scraps and Junk Food

The food people eat is not safe for dogs because it contains large amounts of sugar, salt and other substances that are unhealthy for a dog. Table scraps often contain the inedible parts of meat, such as bones and fat, which are dangerous for dogs to eat.

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