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Benefits of balconette bras

Updated April 17, 2017

A balconette bra is a demi-cup bra with a substantial gusset and a rectangular silhouette on the body. Balconette bras are usually padded and have underwire for support. Of the common types of bras, the balconette has the most advantages, ranging from added cleavage to versatility. There are many types of bras that fall into the category of balconette bras, each highlighting its benefits.

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Added Cleavage

A balcolnette bra is designed as a platform, supporting the breasts from the bottom. The padding, underwire and fabric creates an upwards motion to push your breasts upward and inward, creating cleavage. A push-up bra is a type of balconette bra and the only type of bra that boasts this benefit.

Size Enhancement

With all of the padding that a balconette bra offers plus the cleavage benefit, it's clear that it offers a substantial size increase. Some balconette bras claim to offer an increase of one full cup size. Cookies or padded inserts are often added to the bottom cup of a balconette bra to further increase the size.


The shape of a balconette bra is particularly beautiful. It looks like a balcony, supporting your breasts on a pedestal. The straps are generally placed on the outer edges of the cup, in contrast to a T-shirt bra where the straps come from the centre of the cup. This allows the propped bosom to be seen and displayed fully. As a padded bra, a balconette bra can be decorated with lace and embroidery and treated as a decorative piece in bright colours.


Because of its low neckline and wide straps, a balconette bra is extremely versatile. It can be worn under anything from a tank top to an evening dress. You can even use the balconette bra to enhance a plain ensemble by allowing a bit of lace or exciting trim of the bra to show from under the top. Strapless bras are also balconette bras, as balconette bras are supported mostly from the bottom rather than by the straps, allowing this bra to be worn with strapless dresses and tops.

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