Lunch Break Games

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Lunch break is many elementary and middle schoolchildren's favourite time of the school day. Not only do kids have the opportunity to enjoy a meal with their friends, but the lunchtime recess period, the longest recess of the day, is often spent at least partially outdoors.

There are many fun games available for children to play during their lunch break at school.


Sports that require minimal supplies are an entertaining way for children to get the physical activity they need. Provide materials for groups of children to use during their lunch breaks to play games such as soccer, basketball and soccer baseball, which uses the general rules of baseball but has players kick a soccer ball. Soccer and basketball nets are frequently found on school grounds, making them ideal for children to use at their own discretion. Outdoor lunchtime supervisors will help to ensure that the games run smoothly and no children are aggressive or left out of play.


Hopscotch is an entertaining game that even young children are capable of playing by themselves, with or without supervision. While many school grounds have a hopscotch grid, one can be easily drawn using sidewalk chalk and the only additional supply needed is a rock or pebble, which kids can find on the ground. Kids take turns tossing the rock onto the squares and hopping along the hopscotch pattern with either one or two feet. This game can also be played indoors with hopscotch mats, or masking tape to make the grid, and a beanbag.

Four Square

Four Square is an active game that requires only a ball and sidewalk chalk. Played on a large square court divided into four smaller squares, this game involves a player standing in each square with a ball being bounced between them. The goal of Four Square is to bounce the ball into another player's square without the person catching it. The player who fails to catch the ball is out, leaving the last player standing the winner. Simple to play, Four Square can easily be played independently by groups of children during a school day's lunch break.


Tag is a popular game with children of all ages, and that can be played both outdoors and in large indoor areas, such as gymnasiums. In Tag, one child is "It" and must chase the other players; when he tags another player, that person becomes the player who is "It." Tag provides great exercise and there are many variations available to make the game more exciting, such as Freeze Tag -- where the tagged children must freeze in place with the goal of freezing every other player, and Shadow Tag, where players must tag one another's shadows with their feet.