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Different kinds of striped spiders

Updated April 17, 2017

Spiders have both fascinated humans and given them the willies. There are many different types of striped spiders, many of which are poisonous, including the immature black widow spider. Stripes on spiders can go from the head and lead down to its back, while others will have horizontal stripes going down all of its legs. Colours of striped spiders range from plain brown, greyish-brown and black to orange, green, white and yellow.

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Immature Black Widows

Female black widow spiders can grow to be a half an inch long, not including the legs, and they can live up to three years in the wild. As an immature black widow, these spiders have an orange stripe design going down their backside. Black widow spiders have venom that is more than 10 times stronger than a rattlesnake's venom. Since their bite is poisonous to humans, seek medical help immediately if you are bitten.

Striped Lynx Spider

The striped lynx spider is of a greyish-brown and orange colour and has white stripes running down from its eyes to its back. There are 419 species of the species and they are agile. The striped lynx spider prefers to dwell near flowers and fauna. This species of spider is protective of its eggs, sometimes resulting in the spider's own death when choosing watch duty over eating.

Basilica Spider

The Basilica spider is orange and green, with long legs and stripes going down its back. Basilica spiders are found in forests and can grow to be .3 inches for a male or .35 inches for a female. This spider can quickly spin a web that is built in a space that is three-dimensional, making the web appear to be erratic, as though no web is in the same level.

North American Funnel-Web Spider

The North American funnel-web spider is a brown spider with brown and greyish-brown stripes found on its head and patterns across its body. The funnel-web spider weaves a dense web that has a funnel on one side of the web with a series of thin lines of web to catch its prey.

Australian Funnel-Web Spider

Australian funnel-web spiders are brown with stripes going across their legs, back and head. These spiders have a dangerous poison that can end a human life in less than 20 minutes. The fangs of an Australian funnel web spider are strong and can pierce through fingernails.

Wolf Spiders

The wolf spider is endowed with a large amount of stripes going all across its head, body and legs. Bites from the wolf spider can result in dizziness and you may wish to seek medical attention.

The rabid wolf spider is another spider with stripes that is commonly confused with the wolf spiders. This spider has two distinct stripes working their way from its head. On its back is one large stripe. Rabid wolf spiders are spiders that don't weave webs for the sake of catching some dinner; instead they build sacs for their eggs or weave for the sake of shelter.

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