Places to Get Rid of Cassette Tapes

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If you want to clear your storage space of clutter, consider getting rid of those old cassette tapes that you'll probably never listen to again. But instead of just throwing your cassettes into the garbage, give the environment a break and give your cassettes to a place that can reuse, recycle or even find them a new home.

Technotrash Recyclers

Technotrash is a term used to describe old and used technological items such as computers, printers, CDs, video cassettes, mobile phones, motherboards and a slew of other technological waste, including cassette tapes. Organizations that collect technotrash do so to keep hazardous materials out of landfills by refurbishing and recycling your used, broken or unwanted electrical equipment. It may cost you to recycle your cassette types by using technotrash recycling organisations, but this option is probably better for your conscience than sending your tapes to the dump.

Goodwill Stores

Donate your cassette tapes to a Goodwill or other second-hand store. These stores commonly accept cassette tapes, vinyl and CDs if they are in a condition to be resold. Since profits from Goodwill stores go toward providing humanitarian and community services, when you donate your cassette tapes to Goodwill, you will be supporting worthy causes. As a bonus, Goodwill customers might find an old album they've been searching for in your old tape collection.

Music Stores

Most modern music stores deal exclusively in CDs, but there are a number of stores that focus on vintage audio formats such as cassette tape and vinyl. Cassette tape enthusiasts and people who use old cassettes to make mix tapes may make up only a small market, and you may find it difficult to find a vintage music store in your area, but giving or selling your tapes to a music store might be an option worth considering if you want your old cassette tapes to find a loving home.

Art Schools

Recycled art supplies are generally cheaper than new materials, and there are art schools, primary schools and creative recycling organisations that might be interested in using your old cassette tapes for their art projects. Primary schoolchildren can find creative uses for the yards of magnetic tape in your cassettes, while art schools and recycled art organisations can put your cassette tapes to practical and beautiful application in ways far more creative than putting them in a garbage can.

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