Card-Making Ideas for a Baby Girl

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If you're celebrating a birthday for a little girl, consider making her a special birthday card that can be kept in a scrapbook and cherished when she gets older. Making the card yourself gives extra meaning to it, as it will be more unique than a generic card you can buy at a grocery store or gift shop.

Time Capsule

Turn a basic card into a mini time capsule. Draw lines on the inside of the card -- instead of a message -- and write labels before each line, like "Favorite Toy," "Favorite Food" and "Favorite Book." The baby's parents can fill in each item and save the card for when the little one gets older, when she can read the card and see how her preferences have changed over the years.

Picture Frame

A birthday or holiday card can act as a sweet picture frame for a baby girl. Cut out a rectangle from the front of the card and paste a photo of the little girl on the inside so that it shows through the front when closed. Write a greeting to the baby underneath the picture, and she can be the "star" of her own card.

Lock of Hair

It was customary in Victorian times to save a lock of hair from a loved one. Continue this tradition by snipping a lock of the baby girl's hair on her birthday and taping it into the inside of a birthday or holiday card. Years later, she can reminisce and see how her hair has changed, if it has become lighter, darker, straighter or curlier than when she was a baby.

Family Tree

Turn the card into a small family tree that the baby can read as she grows and becomes more aware of her place in the family. On the inside of the paper card, write in the various names of immediate or extended family, drawing lines between the different members to denote the relationships between each. Have the baby girl's name at the top, as the final branch.

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