Key Performance Objectives of a Receptionist

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A good receptionist is crucial in making a great impression on the potential and current clients of any business, as contact with a receptionist is often the first impression the clientele gets of an organisation. To ensure a receptionist performs at a level that is representative of the company and its commitment to quality, the following key performance objectives are to be respected.

Attitude and Professionalism

As the first point of contact with clientele, a business's receptionist needs to have a stellar attitude and professional behaviour. A receptionist who masters these skills greets customers consistently, conveys a friendly attitude, and reacts in a helpful and professional manner to various requests. A good receptionist greets guest at the door and on the phone with a friendly, courteous greeting, and speaks clearly and distinctly.


A receptionist is often the main point of contact not only for the customers but also for the employees of the company. Therefore, it is very important that a receptionist is dependable to help out both customers and colleagues. Examples of actions taken by a dependable receptionist include opening the offices promptly at the required times, securing a backup for times of absence from the desk, and safely locking any important documents and materials.


An efficient receptionist performs, as it is required by the receptionist's job description, with speed and intelligent use of resources. Such a receptionist will know how to use all functions of the phone, how to write down accurate and complete messages, where all the materials needed to complete certain tasks are, and other things. A top-notch receptionist will be able to prioritise competing tasks and will be able to multitask when possible.

Technical Skills

Some receptionists need to perform technical tasks such as distribution and preparation of mail, acting as a customer services representative, and supporting some colleagues in an administrative and executive assistant function. Specific technical skills are individual to the position and vary in level of complexity and technical knowledge required to accomplish its related tasks.

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